In a city that’s often fast to implode and replace the old with the new, our antique … of furniture to give it new life. Keep it or try to sell it. Add new hardware to change the look.

Sometimes it is difficult to know the proper name for a piece of antique furniture because names … round shelves usually turn, like a lazy Susan. A Victorian table such as this, made with a three-pa…

Give furniture an antique look, for a fraction of the cost of purchasing antique furniture, by applying a distressing technique. How to Create Aged Furniture for a Country Antique Look Learn how to "create" country antiques from new, unfinished furniture.

Photo of pippin vintage home – New York, NY, United States by Greg C. See all 13 photos “There are lots of great eclectic trinkets and pieces of furniture and anything you could imagine in …

The fun holiday encourages us to appreciate old things and try something new. As a way of hitting two birds with one stone, let us turn our focus today on antique and vintage furniture.

Rather than cling to its past, however, the company set a new course: creating the Heywood-Wakefield “Modern” series, a style of furniture so thoroughly futuristic that its fresh, vibrant look was mud in the eye to the despondency of the era.

How can you recognize quality in antique furniture? older antique furniture often has fewer metallic accents, like screws and nails, and more signs of wood joints being custom fit together. The wood is cut in precise patterns that allow the pieces to hold themselves together. Glue is a common adhesive that helps to hold wood joinings together.

How-to Paint/Distress/Antique Furniture: Project 1 painted green, refinished, and distressed Antiquing With Paint. Making New Furniture Look Antique. There are two types of things people like – super new things, and super old things. New things are great and all, with the warranties and glossy finishes, but there's a growing trend for things that are rather "distressed".

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Antique-like, furniture-look vanities are closer to historical antecedents than the monolith-style vanity of today. Chippendale and Sheraton wash basins were spindly, top-heavy creations that did little more than hold the basin and hold a couple of tiny drawers for combs and other grooming accessories.

Home > Resources > How to Make New Furniture Look Like Antique Furniture May 18, 2012 peter hemerlein One of the key features of our handmade reproduction furniture is hand-distressing, a method for simulating age and wear.

Traditional Style Interior Design Styles Of Furniture Through The Ages In 1890, Ruth Livingston Mills, Gladys’ mother, the doyenne of Gilded Age … Arts
Trendy Interior Design Styles Around the room, trendy air-purifying … volume- to value-based care, design is now viewed as more of an experience. It’s
Modern Spanish Decorating The University of Pennsylvania is renaming its design school after Stuart Weitzman … brought the shoe-making industry into modern times.”
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